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> Yup, the small brushes for miniatures are only good
> for painting in the
> details. I also use Citadel paints, Games Workshop
> is coming out with a
> new "Tank Brush" which is designed for painting
> large vehicles, Use that
> to cover large areas and the smaller brushes for
> details. Also you can
> get brushes at an art store, a good flat brush would
> be ideal maybe a
> 1/2 inch wide, I've also had success with a fat
> round brush which I had
> messed up once and the bristles got splayed out, But
> now it works like a
> flat brush :)

one of my round brushes is now an effective flat brush
too. too big for miniatures but ok for gundams. >:)

> Ok here's a general rule with Citadel Paints, 1)
> MODEL, otherwise the paint will just bead up on the
> model.

actually, i think the problem was with the gp01 kit,
specifically. i've had no problems dabbling with
other kits unprimed.

but i think it depends on the colors also. since i
use dark colors (purples, blacks, dark metal colors) i
have little problems. only with the gp01 where i
used skull white and enchanted blue.

>And always
> prime outside. If you don't have your own yard, go
> to a public area that
> is out of the way, and use newspaper so you won't
> mess up the
> surroundings, That is what I used to do when I lived
> at a dorm at
> college. Sometimes the security guards would get mad
> though 2) ALWAYS
> down. This is very
> important as this type of paint tends to be kinda
> thick.

the darker paints seem kinda thick too. which
actually suits me. it's the thin paints that give me
more fits.

thanks again!

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