garrick lee (
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 07:26:00 -0800 (PST)

> Bwah ha ha ha! =) I can't even do GW tanks
> with those brushes
> without leaving telltales, I won't even try Gundams.
> =)

ah, but you're not foolish like me! good thing i
didn't try painting my valkyrie with needle thin

> It's very difficult to achieve a nice flat
> finish with small
> brushes, but most of my work are on 28mm minis, so
> that's not a big problem.
> I am seriously considering buying an airbrush c/w
> compressor to ease my
> priming woes... (I currently hand prime and I hate
> the results.. No, not
> Gundam models -- not yet, at that. =)

citadel has white and black primer in spray cans
(expensive though). they only have that white "smelly
primer" in small bottles.

> Yeah, it makes a difference -- at least with
> good brushes, the
> bristles don't come off and embed in the paintwork.
> Removing those can get
> difficult, especially if you didn't spot them early.

no kidding...those cheap brushes shed a lot! more
than my cats.

> What colour are you painting the shield?
> Certain Citadel paints have
> severe problem with them, but most will be okay if
> you do the following:

i'm following (for the first time) the gp01 color
scheme. so the shield is blue and white. my white
and blue paints are kinda thin (with all the glop on
the bottom of the bottle...shaking makes little
difference). those two of the colors that i neglect
since i hardly use blue and white on my warhammer

> 1) If the paint is very thin, apply a base
> coat of Smelly Primer,
> then do successive thin coats -- you must be
> patient!

oy. i was in a hurry to finish.

> 2) If the paint if very thick (Like Skull
> White) you must thin it
> down, then do successive thin coats -- you must be
> patient!

my skull white is actually very thin. one of my
neglected colors.

> sometimes the paint
> >just slides off, circles about and forms those
> annoying uneven bubble marks
> >when it dries.
> Sounds like you are just slapping on the
> paint (NOI) and not
> checking if there are air bubbles trapped...

well...not slapping on, but more of twirling a glop of
paint (the paint was so thin, i figured it'd need a
glop) about in an effort to get the paint all over the
surface with the small brush before evening it out
with purposeful strokes. it...didn't work. :P

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