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--- wrote:
> >-garrick wrote:
> >need more 1/144 kits for practice :P (is the first
> >grade gundam a good idea?)
> Yes, it's a good idea if you're a masochist like you
> say and you don't mind
> painting literally from scratch. I'm still working
> on the first leg of
> mine (literally!) and I'm having second thoughts of
> finishing it. The face
> alone is going to be murder!
> Joshua

painting from scratch?

errr...that suits me just fine. :)

i rarely follow the color schemes anyway. unless it's
a titans color.

more questions on the fly:

i'm doing the 1/144 heavyarms and decided to go for
the weathered metallic effect. it's turned out ok
(none of the paint slick problems i had with the 1/144
gp01, heh), but a little too shiny. i undercoated the
whole thing with citadel's "boltgun metal" (maybe gun
metal for other paint brands?), and used ink wash (of
the appropriate colors) instead of paint, to try that
faded look.'s got that faded effect, but
kinda shiny in some parts (that i didn't ink
over) a waxed car.

if i had used paint, and not ink wash, to paint over
the metal coating, the color would have painted over
the undercoat completely, no?

 and if i chip off the paint overcoat to reveal the
metal that how weathering is done? but
won't the metal coating underneath chip off too?

or do you simply drybrush over the metal undercoat and
leave the edges and corners exposed?

i think i like using ink wash...except that it flows
too freely and spreads too fast.

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