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>Hmmm, sorry, not that I mean to spoil anyone's fun, but I can't help but
>wonder why is there an ongoing preoccupation with relating the UC timeline
>with the Gregorian calendar? Is it something out of the creator's original
>intentions? I am just a bit amused by the fascination with this aspect.
>Is it meant to make fiction seem more realistic? If this were the case,
>shouldn't the original series have included certain events in its story
>which actually happened in the real world to make it relate to our own
>time? I ask because such is the case with period films or futuristic
>movies with flashbacks into the real past.

For some of us, this interest is practical. While, personally, I don't
really care one way or the other, I run a MUSH based on the Gundam universe,
and I know how gamers are. They want solid facts. Therfore, I included the
Gregorian calander dates into the the timeline for the MUSH, showing how
Gundam's UC calendar relates to the current.

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