Winn Sevilla (
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 20:55:22 +0800

Just wanna ask...

WHich do you prefer, Zeta or the Zetaplus C1 ?

Is the Zplus better than the Zeta? It looks more nastier and more equipped.

Is it equipped with a biosensor? And his main armament, is it a beam cannon,
Hyper MegaLauncher or just an artillery cannon ?

And what of the FAZZ and the ZZ ?

Which is stronger and more powerful?

And it's main weapon, that huge gun, is that a beam weapon or just an
artillery gun? It seems to load artillery shells...

One last thing about the ZZ, in Gundam Battle Master, the ZZ has an I Field
when you put it on defensive mode. In the anime, does the ZZ have an I field
too ? In GBM II, what is that super weapon it uses? Is it related to what the
Sazabi uses?

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