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> But the London Bell insignia is a little silly, looks like it's drawn by
> some art school dropout from Nebraska.

I think it's a given that Federation insiginia always look like they didn't
have time to design it. I mean, look at both Earth Federation (Globe
surrounded by 4 triangle), Earth Federation Force (Star over cresent moon),
Londo Bell (The L with a Bell), you know they didn't bother with the design.
Even the offshoot group that eventually got re-absorb back to EFF has boring
insiginia, AEUG and Kabala both uses the Earth-Moon-Colony insignia. The
lone exception is the fascistic Titan, with the stylized T with eagle's
head on one end and wing at the other, and a star in the center.

> The only one that's worse is the
> Crossbone Vanguard, looks like Snoopy's Coat of Arms when he's daydreaming
> (and hungry).

I actually don't mind Crossbone Vanguard's coat that much.

> The best is still Zeon's, the Pegasus is pretty good too.

The Zeon/Neo Zeon (I) coat shows that they are serious about being the
Aristocratic rule, and actually spend some money on the design.

It has been a pet observation of mine that the good guys in Gundam always
have the less flashy uniform, the utilitarian looking ship, while the bad
guys gets elaborate uniform, eye catching ships.

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