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>but wat's pair-annihilation based ? does that mean u need 2
>missiles for it to work ?
>in dynamite 7, it took just 1 missile to make a big bang .

"Pair-annihilation" refers to the total conversion of matter to energy by
combining equal parts matter and antimatter. Every mirrored pair of
charged particles (protons and anti-protons, electrons and positrons)
annihilate one another, leaving behind only the neutral particles (neutrons
and neutrinos) and releasing energy to the full extent of Einstein's famous
equation, E=mc^2.

It's the same antimatter system used in the Star Trek universe and makes
hydrogen or helium fusion look very weak by comparison.

And, no, you don't need two missiles for it to work, just some kind of
force field or a physical barrier made entirely of neutral matter to
contain the antimatter until you're ready to mix it with normal matter and


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