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>>MS Era 0099: Mobile Suit Gundam 0001~0080 - The Documentary Photographs of
>>the One Year War (1999.11.30, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1233-3) 156 pages for
>>How does it differ from the original 1990 edition? Well, for one thing
>>it's now in hardcover. It's four pages longer, but those can all be
>>ascribed to the new prologue and production credits. There is only one new
>>picture in the entire book, a "photograph" of a girl (supposedly the same
>>one as in "plates" #51 and #52) standing atop the head of a destroyed and
>>abandoned Zaku. This illo also graces the front cover.
><major snip>
>Sounds more like a ripoff if you already have the original. This is more
>like a reprint for the benefit of new fans who did not get a copy of the
>original book than a revision that'd included additional material from 0083
>and 08th MS Team (at least that sounded like what MS Era 0099 was meant to

I think that it's worth it just to have the book in hardcover, but that's
me. Your major snip cut away three other reasons for which I recommended
this book:

[1] the new typography makes the chronology much more readable

[2] the English is vastly improved in some places and much more correct overall

[3] the English "photographer" credits are now complete

If I have any quibbles, it's with the typography of the captions, which
make them a bit more difficult to read. Yes, it's a shame the book wasn't
updated to include material from 08th MS Team and other One Year War
imagery (Gundam 0083 flashbacks, Blue Destiny and Rise From The Ashes side
story, etc.) but I never pinned any serious hopes for that and was thus not
seriously disappointed.


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