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Wed, 29 Dec 1999 07:55:19 +0800

Paul Fields wrote:
> >From: Trent <dchunghk@netvigator.com>
> >Since I am new here, please help me with the following:
> Ok...
> >1, Are there any Gundam games that work for bleem!?? I can't even
> >run the video for Generation-0.
> Well I got Gundam Battle Master to run on it, and
> there used to be more titles that ran under it, I
> believe they changed something in the engine some
> time recently, and now are re-certifying a few of
> the titles because all of them don't work now.

for Bleem 1.4, Gundam The Battle Master 2 and CCA works fine, though CCA
had less-than perfect graphics and couldn't save and load, unlike Battle
Master. I hate Bleem 1.5a, it won't play Gran Turismo 2 for me... :(

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