Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 28 Dec 1999 12:26:21 -0800

>Can they make new Gundam DVDs 5.1 dolby as a minimum??

If people refuse to buy all these re-issues then Sunrise will eventually
have to throw in remastered soundtracks to make their repackaged products
attractive in the marketplace. Check out the Gundam Movie Trilogy - they
released it on VHS, then LD, then a LD "Master Grade" box. The MG box came
with a bunch of goodies because they had to make it attractive enough for
people who bought the original LDs already to shell out more dough and buy
what is essentially the same thing again.

>I am sure this
>is not a redicously request...... turn A, may be??

Turn A was a made-for-TV series. Doubt it was mastered in 5.1 channels
even though it is a very new series.

>0083 was a typo - I meant 0080. Japanese and English edition, it is
>official (Emotions, not Sunrise - are they samething?). I was thrilled
>when I saw the language selection.

Emotion is Bandai Japan/Sunrise's home video arm, so your DVD is authentic.
It's cool that they have language selection - they were actually speaking
English? Is it the same dub as AV.com's version or a new dub? With
regional coding/territorial lockout, I wonder what's the point of having
an English soundtrack...


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