Paul Fields (
Tue, 28 Dec 1999 15:05:47 EST

>From: "David \"Jojo\" Wong" <>

>Yeah, they made changes and stuff. Actually aside from a bit of overacting,
>the Gundam 0083 dub is fine--better than the majority of the dub out there.
>Anyone know how the 0080 dub sounds?

Except for the usual word changes here and there
the 0080 dubs are as watchable, and enjoyable as
they were subbed. Steiner's crying at the cargo
bay was wonderful, and Garcia's voice annoyed me
in the first episode, but by the end I liked him
as always. Misha, Chris, Bernie, and Al were good.

I have all three tapes, and they are great. I do
not have all the 0083 tapes so I haven't watched
them, and won't compare them until I have seen
them all.

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