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Paul Fields wrote:

> >From: Trent <>
> >DTS movies are unpopular, why is that? Is the cost of production so
> >much higher?
> I dunno, over here the US cost of Apollo 13 is
> about 30$ I liked the movie, but damn, most of
> my DVD titles are under 20$ this one costs the
> same as 2 regular movies, even "The Matrix" so
> I have the Matrix, and am getting Apollo 13 in
> a while, but I have waited for 2 years now, it
> only went up a few dollars, not down.. damn...

I'll tell you what *I* hate about DTS discs (laser and DVD) which
probably speaks for a lot of people. They're more expensive, I guess
due to the rarity and the fact that they have to format the sound
differently and they don't include the "extras" that their AC-3/Dolby
Surround siblings come with. Alls you get is the movie itself. Ok, the
sound is less compressed but if you happen to have a player or receiver
without the proper decoder, that's more money and inconvenience again.
DTS is better than AC-3 but the lack of extras and library severely
hamstring the whole market. I thought the DTS cds would help that along
but now those new DVD audio cds will also hit the markets and wipe them
off the Earth.


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