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On 28 Dec 99, at 10:49, Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> Most of the fighters in any of the earlier movements were most likely
> motivated by the ideal of spacenoid freedom, love of country, etc. The
> leaders and details would have been far above their purvue or care.
> Are you telling me the majority of the fighters in CCA are rookies?
> That this huge Neo-Zeon army just appeared out of nowhere?

Well, if you read the Zeta novel closely, you will know that Char
returned to Earth Sphere with several Musai full of people when he
undertook his "recon" mission. Prusumely, those would became the
cadre of his troop. He also recurit from the refuges. And Char's
force can hardly be consider huge, a dozen ships and 80 some MS.
Another side of the coin to this would be that those whol stayed in
Axcis with Harman are not his people.

> > I would hardly call the Earthnoids elite the "majority".
> Well it again depends whether you're talking about Newtypes or
> spacenoids in comparison. As for the first, oldtypes were obviously in
> the majority. As for the second, Gundam is replete with examples,
> underlined in ZZ, that Zeon did not represent the majority of
> spacenoids. Most were indifferent at best, simply wanting to be left
> alone.

Again, you are talking about Zabist. As for how people in space feel
about dropping astroid on Earthnoid elites. Review the earlier part
of the CCA, the dialog between Amuro and Bright, on how several
sides had refused their request to use colony laser to stop 5th Lunar
for fear of "internal strife". And whne Side 2 does it, its people
revolted and put an end to it. Additionally, remember what they said
later in hanger.

"We've been surveying all the colonies for the past two years - why
didn't we know that Char was making military preparations?"

"There are a lot of spacenoids who hate the fact that the Federation
rules them from below on Earth. Londo Bell goes to investigate and
the civilians will cover for Char."

So who is the majority here?

Jim Huang

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