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Tue, 28 Dec 1999 17:51:08 +0000

Hope everyone have enjoyed Christmas and the 20th year of Gundam!
Since I am new here, please help me with the following:
1, Are there any Gundam games that work for bleem!?? I can't even
run the video for Generation-0.
2, The translation of the Gundam 0083 (dvd) is brillant. Are there
any ways to persuade them to make DTS or 5.1 dolby digital?? I am
disappointed with the 2ch dolby. There ARE cartoons with DTS,
unfortunately I don't know the name in english. If there is a language
selection, do they have to "make" DTS twice or more (one for each dubbed
version)?? Is that the reason why they choose not to produce better
quality sound?? A movie like "Babe" has DTS while Gundam don't?? At
least you have more gun fire than "Babe"......
3, Anyone played the SD Knight Gundam RPG for the snes?? Are there
any translation patches or guides??

Sorry for my poor english and thank you in advance.

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