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Jim Huang wrote:

> > It is a fine distinction I know, but even in this case, Char is not
> > making war on civilian populations exclusively. You might argue that
> > Earth's population in CCA was a viable military target based on my
> > arguement, but I disagree as the areas targeted were overwhelmingly
> > civilian in nature. Char never gave the orders for the original colony
> Well, we know for a fact that there are many federation military
> installation on North America, the project impact point in CCA novel.

Yes, but along side those bases are civilians. Even if just the families of
military and government officials, innocent civilians were would have been
in the majority.

> <snip>
> Well, some mentioned the world social contract earlier in this trend.
> The spacenoid had hold up their end of the bargin by moving away
> from Earth. And Earthnoids failed their end of the deal. Any
> enforcement action to demand redress, however drastic, can hardly
> be called imposing one's view on other. That's my point.

I referred to 'the' social contract, but not the one you refer to. The most
basic social contract is that a government derives its soveriegnty from the
will of the people, not a minority. That obligation trumps all other
temporary bargains.

> <snip>
> I am merely pointing out that from UC 0093 on, people are hurting
> because Char failed. To say give federation time and things will
> change(as some had suggested earlier) for the better won't work,
> because we already know what happened in the next 100 years.

Yes, but only because the Zeon movement was spent as a result of Char's
defeat. Had resistance continued on a somewhat lower key, the Federation
would eventually suffer from fatigue (ie Vietnam, body bags of Federation
soldiers continually coming home, as opposed to the spacenoids who are
willing to take such losses in the pursuit of freedom).

> Show me where you find your quote. I am beginning to get wary of
> this. Go back to the movie, listen to the conversation between him
> and Nanai, and how he views his actions. Especailly his quote,
> "Some one have to bear the sin of humanity."(i.e. him)

That's a rather insightful quote. How is it Char's responsibility, duty or
right to take upon himself the sin of humanity?

Neil Baumgardner

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