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I recently read this info in Gundam Waltz Endless Waltz Gakken Mook so I
thought I would pass it along.

In an interview, Sumisawa, the screenwriter for Endless Waltz stated that
the name and concept of Preventers was taken from a manga by Hagio Moto, the
sequel to "They were 11!" which some of you may know from the anime. (My
own little side note here. "They were 11!" and its sequel were one of the
earliest works of science fiction in shoujo manga. They were groundbreaking
at the time because up until then, shoujo manga were generally lame love
stories written for little girls. Hagio was a great fan of science fiction
writers like Asimov, and it shows in these works.) Back to the main topic
here... There were characters named "Hikeshi" (fire extinguisher) and
"Hidane" (fire starter), spies who started or prevented war for the sake of
the galactic government.

In Japanese, Zechs calls himself "Hikeshi no Kaze" (Fire extinguisher Wind).
Sumisawa stated that there were no deep thoughts on the naming of the code
names at the time. (Noin as "fire" came from "Hidane")

As for the other characters' code names, he states that he didn't bother
making up any more.

There is also an interesting interview with Katoki Hajime in the same book
where he states that the many female fans of Gundam made him rethink many of
his designs. He received many complaints about the gaudy coloring of the
Gundams as well the designs. He stated that he thinks in terms of making
them into toys, but since women didn't start out by liking GunPura, they
were less forgiving.

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