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Jim Huang wrote:

> > Just tell me who those people are that fight for him in CCA then. Are
> > you telling me their not the same malcontents that fought in ZZ, Z or
> > even the OYW?
> Spacenoids who are loyal to Char, and even the ideal of his father
> Jion Zum Daikun. Had you listen to Char's speech to his fellowers
> in CCA?
> "When my father, Zion Daikun, submitted a request for spacenoid
> independance, he was assassinated by the Zabi family. And that
> Zabi family took the Zion name and declared a war of independance
> against Earth. As you all know, this resulted in the defeat of the
> Zabi family. So be it. But as a result, the Earth Federal Government
> became megalomaniacal, the Federal Forces decayed internally. In
> reaction to Titans, anti-Federation groups were born, and Hamaan,
> Zabi fugitives, ran rampant."
> That's not an ideal translation, but close enough. Does Char
> sounds like he was talking to the royal fellowers of Mineva
> Zabi/Harman Khan?

Most of the fighters in any of the earlier movements were most likely
motivated by the ideal of spacenoid freedom, love of country, etc. The
leaders and details would have been far above their purvue or care. Are you
telling me the majority of the fighters in CCA are rookies? That this huge
Neo-Zeon army just appeared out of nowhere?

> > A lot of mistakes in history could be avoided through 20/20 hindsight.
> > However, what this doesnt show is what the consequences of a different
> > action would have. I still stick to the voice of the majority, even if
> > they are 'wrong.'
> I would hardly call the Earthnoids elite the "majority".

Well it again depends whether you're talking about Newtypes or spacenoids in
comparison. As for the first, oldtypes were obviously in the majority. As
for the second, Gundam is replete with examples, underlined in ZZ, that Zeon
did not represent the majority of spacenoids. Most were indifferent at best,
simply wanting to be left alone.


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