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>> For those who've played the Saturn version, how easy a game is
>>it play if you can't read Japanese?
>If you can't read any Japanese at all, then you probably won't be able
>to navigate its muti-tiered menu system. The game is turn/round based.
>During each turn/round you get to make some decisions regarding resource
>allocation, MS development, intelligence gathering, and armed forces
>deployment. These are all done through its menus, and all are in Japanese.

        Okay, thanks for the help everyone. Wonder which will take
longer, the building of the first O'Neill Cylinder or waiting for an
English release? ^_^


> Making a
>bad call can cost you dearly during these key moments.
        "No! I said launch all fighters, not surrender all units!
Blasted Alta Vista translation... " ^_^

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