Tue, 28 Dec 1999 08:21:41 EST

I got the dubbed version of Gundam Movie 1 for Christmas, so I thought what
the heck, I'll pop it in. I had heard complaints on the list, but I assumed
it was just bad acting like some of the 0083 dubbed voices. IT WAS HORRIBLE.
 I mean it's bad enough that they always call the Gundam the GunDamn, that
Char is Sha again, and that Amuro sounds utterly fearless 100% of the time.
But It isn't even internally consistant. Like when Amuro shoots a Zaku with
his beam rifle, SHA says:

He destroyed a Zaku with ine MISSLE hit. Their laser technology has
overtaken ours. (okay it might not be word for word like in the actual dub,
but you get the drift.)

or when the Zakus are firing their weapons at the Gundam with Shell casings
flying all over the place and they say :

Our LASERS aren't even hurting that thing (the Gundam)

I mean heck, this makes the 0083 dubs look perfect.

IT is horrible, I couldn't keep watching after they got out of Side 7. And
the Audio levels are totally inconsistant. I do Audio Engineering on the
side so I am very anal about that, and it SUCKS.


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