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>This is based on an exchange between Char and Lalar in the original
>series. If I recall correctly, she asks him why he didn't just drive the
>ele-car himself, to which he replies (paraphrasing here) "I'm ashamed to
>say that I've never learned how" [to drive a car].
>I think you are mistaken -Z-, if you are thinking of the scene in the
>episode 36(I think) titled 'Shukumei no de-ai' = 'Fateful encounter' where
>Char and Lala stop and help Amuro's car trapped in mud.

"Fateful Encounter" is Episode 34. Episode 36 is "Dreadful! Mobile Byg
Zam" (Kyohfu! Kidoh Bigu Zamu).

In any case, my memory of the exchange, right or wrong, would have to be
from the third compilation movie, not the original series, as I only have
notes for the first 16 episodes.

It's possible that my recollections were tinged by Mark Simmons'
speculation, which, as noted, conforms to the Red Baron anecdote.

>Char not being able to drive is a romantic notion given the Red Baron's
>situation but I think he taught Lala to drive and he was just letting her
>drive to get some more experience. If I was mistaken about the scene in
>question, please let me know which scene it was.

He may have simply been sitting on his hands and letting her teach herself,
she being a Newtype and thus theoretically a natural with machinery. It
would've suited his purposes to sit back and see how long it took her to
master driving skills without instruction.


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