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> Hey Eddie, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I got a set of ZZ VCD's but I don't know how to get them to play. Any suggestions?
> Jason

I'm not Eddie either but it sounds like you are trying to view it on your PC. You can use the Xing player like Paul, or you can download the latest
version of Microsoft's Windows Media player for free if you don't already have it on your computer. I have the version 6.4 which I downloaded early this
year and it plays VCDs fine. But you do require a Pentium 100 or above with at least 16MB RAM, but you can get away with a P90 with more RAM

With the Media Player,you have to access the contents of the disc by clicking on your CD drive icon. With all VCDs the actual file which contains the
movie files is in the folder labelled MPEG. When viewing anime, each time you want to view a new disc, you have to browse the MPEG folder and select
the file you want to view as the filenames can differ. Most anime VCDs contain 3 episodes per disc, these episodes are stored in one large file or in
three separate files depending on the manufacturer and how the original was filed

The individual filenames often look like this : Avseq01, Avseq02... or Music01, Music02...

The Windows Media Player will play all anime VCDs at full screen and full speed if you meet the above minimum PC requirements and follow the above

I'm not sure which ZZ VCD boxset you have but I have the 16 VCD ZZ Memorial boxset which comes in a fold-out cardboard packaging with no mention of the
manufacturer, each disc has the same picture of ZZ on the top.

For some reason the way these particular discs have been burned/filed, causes problems when starting it up with the Media Player. My PC and CD-ROM
drive actually freezes up for a few minutes, I initially thought the discs were bad or my PC crashed. It is extremely annoying but, if you wait a while
it starts up fine. And even more annoying is the fact that a couple of the discs in the middle of the series uses a format which starts up immediately
like most other VCDs.

I hope this helps.


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