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>I dont know, have you ever noticed how much Zeon resembles the Germans in
>WWII? Certain uniforms, flag, even the weapons they carry around look like
>MP40's. Not to mention the weapons their MSuits carry J/K

We get that a lot... it wasn't quite so deliberate
until 0080...

>> >The main sticking points seem to arise because Roland and Neil associate
>>Newtypes with Aryans, and have problems with 'Newtypes leading humanity
>>into a new era theory' because they relate this to 'Master Race leading
>>humanity into a new era theory'. But I say Newtypes are not Aryans and
>>they cannot be held in this light.

Well Newtypes if you read the Tomino novels were
the first to realize there doesn't need to be war
and that they need to convince the oldtypes of that
or at least not fight amongst themselves.

The only person to throw around the "chosen people"
rhetoric was Giren Zabi. Even Zeon Daikun wasn't so
blind in his idealism. Giren, like Hitler used the
"Newtype as Master Race" like Hitler used Aryans to
tell a poor, burdened people they had the right to
take over the world, and it was alright that other
non-spacenoids must die, well Hitler said Jews and
other non-Germanic Europeans, but the example still

Zeon Daikun declared independece from Earth, but did
not drop colonies, or gas cylinders, or throw nukes
around. Although who knows what he might have done,
it only took him 2 years to begin reorganizing the
Zeon self defense force after the Feds began to make
a modern spacefleet, and press their economic sanctions
against the colonies. And that was only 4 years after
the whole declaration of independence. He didn't make
any oter changes before his death six years later.

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