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Jim Huang wrote:

> Those are Zabist. The Zabis and their followers are never "his"
> people. That's pretty clear from the First Gundam. From what I can
> tell of this discussion, people are not making the distinction of
> Zabist, Side 3, and what Char considers his people. Those 3 sets
> overlap with each other, but by no mean equal.

Just tell me who those people are that fight for him in CCA then. Are you
telling me their not the same malcontents that fought in ZZ, Z or even the

> > other Gundam I've seen with Char, he never made total war on
> > civilians, at least not that I remember. Still, as Neil said, I
> Than what was the battle of Rum in the OYW? Don't you know that's
> supposely for Jion to get another colony to conduct another colony
> drop on Jaburo?

Good point, however the destruction caused in the OYW obviously doesnt
compare to what would have been wrought by dropping Axis on Earth.


> > The problem was Char wasn't willing to allow for this time. He wanted
> Justice delayed is justice denied.

Knew somebody was going to say that. However, notice how the man who said
that, Martin Luther King, opposed violence, believing only in peaceful civil
disobediance. As such, he technically was willing to 'wait.'

> > freedom now, and at any price, no matter how steep. The same could
> > have and has been said for many other tyrants throughout history. As
> > Neil pointed out, there were many other choices that could have been
> > made. Char made the one that garnered the most immediate attention for
> > himself and his cause. This choice (making war) doesn't make him a
> > madman, but his method of conducting the war does.
> Well, Char, with all his newtype power, is certainly not all knowing.
> But we are endowed with the hindsight of Hathaway novels, F91, V
> Gundam, and Gaia Gear to see the consquence of Char's failure.
> And with this 20/20 hindsight, I can say those other options,
> especially "just give federation more time", made Char's solution
> very apealing to me.

A lot of mistakes in history could be avoided through 20/20 hindsight.
However, what this doesnt show is what the consequences of a different
action would have. I still stick to the voice of the majority, even if they
are 'wrong.'


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