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On 26 Dec 99, at 19:41, Roland Thigpen wrote:

> I'm still not sure that it wasn't in some ways at least a major
> departure from the actions he took in previous Gundams. Even if he did
> fire on several tens or even hundreds or thousands of Jion troops at
> the end of Zeta, he was firing on soldiers, who knew the cost of

Those are Zabist. The Zabis and their followers are never "his"
people. That's pretty clear from the First Gundam. From what I can
tell of this discussion, people are not making the distinction of
Zabist, Side 3, and what Char considers his people. Those 3 sets
overlap with each other, but by no mean equal.

> other Gundam I've seen with Char, he never made total war on
> civilians, at least not that I remember. Still, as Neil said, I

Than what was the battle of Rum in the OYW? Don't you know that's
supposely for Jion to get another colony to conduct another colony
drop on Jaburo?

> Ah, Char, the grand Eco-Terrorist. I may agree that there are some
> terrible things we did to Earth, but wasn't that in part why so many
> people were sent to live in space? I seem to recall that being
> mentioned somewhere. Although I freely admit, I might be wrong on this
> one.
That's why Federation was formed to move ALL of humanity to
space. Not so the elites can monoploize it.

> And my question is, whose to say that newtypes are truly better than
> normal humans? Or that a reverence for our mother planet is bad simply
> because it hinders the evolution of mankind into the supposed better
> man, the newtype? Like Neil says, this is just one group trying to
> impose their views on everyone else, no matter the consequences.

Since the removal of all humanity from Earth was the vision created
by the Federation, and still being enforced by Federation in a
perverted way, Char was hardly imposing his vision on the Earth
Federation elites.
> The problem was Char wasn't willing to allow for this time. He wanted

Justice delayed is justice denied.

> freedom now, and at any price, no matter how steep. The same could
> have and has been said for many other tyrants throughout history. As
> Neil pointed out, there were many other choices that could have been
> made. Char made the one that garnered the most immediate attention for
> himself and his cause. This choice (making war) doesn't make him a
> madman, but his method of conducting the war does.

Well, Char, with all his newtype power, is certainly not all knowing.
But we are endowed with the hindsight of Hathaway novels, F91, V
Gundam, and Gaia Gear to see the consquence of Char's failure.
And with this 20/20 hindsight, I can say those other options,
especially "just give federation more time", made Char's solution
very apealing to me.

> >Pure to whom? Pure to whom? Char, Amuro and a few million?
> If that many at the time. Hitler could have also argued that his
> motives and intentions were pure. In fact, many tyrants took actions
> they felt were for the purest of reasons. Does that make those
> selfsame actions right or good? No.
Acturally, if you read that quote again. It was Mirai, who was in very
real personal danger, said "Char is too pure." That's not necessary
Char's self-preception.

Jim Huang

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