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> >Anyway, a rumor about char...
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> >is it true that he can't drive a car? I forgot what site I got this from,
> >but they say that Char can't drive an auto because he don't know how... Is
> >this all true?
> This is based on an exchange between Char and Lalar in the original
> series. If I recall correctly, she asks him why he didn't just drive the
> ele-car himself, to which he replies (paraphrasing here) "I'm ashamed to
> say that I've never learned how" [to drive a car].

I think you are mistaken -Z-, if you are thinking of the scene in the episode
36(I think) titled 'Shukumei no de-ai' = 'Fateful encounter' where Char and Lala
stop and help Amuro's car trapped in mud.

Here is a full transcript of that scene...
A=Amuro, C=Char, L=Lala

A: Suimasen!
Excuse me
A: [thought]Char!
C: Suman na kimi. Nani mo nimo untenshu ga mijuku na mono de ne.
Sorry . The driver is terribly inexperienced.
A: Iie
That's alright.
L: Gomen nasai. Yokerareru to omottan dakedo.
I'm sorry. I thought I could avoid it{the puddle}
C: Kuruma de hikanai to muri da na
We'll have to pull it out with the car.
A: Eh.
C: Kimi wa...
You are...
A: Amuro Rei desu.
I'm Amuro Rei.
C: Fushigi to shitte iru yo na namae da na.
The name sounds strangely familiar.
A: [thought]So, shitte iru, boku wa anata o shitte iru.
That's right. I know. I know who you are.
A: Otetsudai shimasu.
Allow me to help.
C: Kamawan yo. Sunda.
No need. It's done.
A: Suimasen.
I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you.
A: Ano...Onamae wa?
Um...What is your name?
C: Char Aznable. Goran no toori gunjin da.
Char Aznable. As you can see, I'm with the military.
A: [thought]Char.
C: Lala! Kuruma o ugokashite kure. Shizuka ni da zo.
Lala! Move the car please, but quietly.
L: Hai taisa.
Yes Colonel.
A: [thought]Are ga Char ka. Char Aznable to itta na.
So that's Char. He said Char Aznable didn't he.
C: Yukkuri da yo. Iina Lala.
Do it slowly, alright Lala?
C: Do shita? Sagare Amuro kun.
What's the matter? Back away Amuro.
A: [thought]Hajimete atta hito dato yuu noni naze Char dato wakattanda? Sore ni
anoko Lala to itta na.
This is the first time I met this person yet how did I know that it was Char?
And that girl was called Lala wasn't she.
C: Kimi wa toshi wa ikutsu da?
How old are you?
A: Jyuu roku sai desu.
I'm 16 years old.
C: Soo ka. Wakai na. Meno mae ni teki no heishi o oite kataku naru no wa wakaru
na. Semete rei gurai wa yutte hoshii nano da Amuro kun.
Is that right. That's very young. I can understand why you would tense up given
that the enemy stands before you but at least a thank-you would be nice.
A: Iie... sono...arigato gozaimashita.
No... that's... thank you very much.
C: Do shita no ka na ano shonen?
What's wrong with that young man?
L: Taisa no namae o shitte iru kara desho. Akai suisei no Char t-te obiete
itandesu yo, kitto.
He probably has heard of the Colonel's name. He was frightened of Char 'the Red
Comet' most likely.

Char not being able to drive is a romantic notion given the Red Baron's
situation but I think he taught Lala to drive and he was just letting her drive
to get some more experience. If I was mistaken about the scene in question,
please let me know which scene it was.


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