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I would like to make one final comment on this lengthy discussion...

The main sticking points seem to arise because Roland and Neil associate Newtypes with Aryans, and have problems with 'Newtypes leading humanity into a new era theory' because they relate this to 'Master Race leading humanity into a new era theory'. But I say Newtypes are not Aryans and they cannot be held in this light.

If we were talking about the real world and a small group of 'we are superior' people claimed to possess special abilities decided to lead mankind to a new era of peace and harmony, then ofcourse I would object and produce the Hitler-Aryan argument such as you have done. But this is because of my sceptism of their claims and abilities...

However it is evident from UC stories that Newtype ability is real, and people actually exist in the UC universe with paranormal abilities which for better or worse gives them heightened awareness of the environement above and beyond those of normal humans. I accept their abilities in their universe, but I guess some people watching the anime find it hard accept such a notion despite it being only a work of fiction.

And as in the example of the people stranded in volcanic ash fallout, the ability to see through the ash to safety should be undeniable. But it seems that Roland and Neil find it hard to believe that 1) they can see through it at all, and 2) what they are seeing can't be relied upon.

If we accept the fact that they can see through the ash, what is wrong with them leading the way out for the rest of the group? What would you do if you had the ability in that same situation ? Doing nothing meant you were all stuck there for a long long time and die. Half of the people believed you , and the other half refuse to move but you needed everyone's help to move the obstacle blocking the way out. I think this situation closely parallels the situation Char felt he was in. If you didn't read the example carefully the first time, please do.

The Newtypes just want to usher in an era of peace and harmony. They want to end all the fighting and the senseless loss of lives for the betterment of mankind. They have no sinister agendas, they have no desire to restrict people's freedom in anyway, or dictate how people should live. But I have to admit if I heard a real political movement making these types of claims, I would immediately right them off ... : -)

Only a couple of newtypes, Hamarn and Scirocco, as well as the oldtypes Giren, Kishiria, and Gremi, felt they were superior, and paralleled the Hitler-Aryan vision, but Char only wanted to allow mankind to change. I think the difference is there, granted he is treading a fine line but the ditinction is more than subtle. I am sure it is only a fine line between being a monstrous dictator and being a great visionary leader. Being a big fan of Char, I just don't want to see him coloured with the same brush as the rest of the monsters.

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