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On Sun, 26 Dec 1999 06:11:02 -0800 (PST) henwee <> wrote:
>this isnt related to gundam, but does anyone know what
>macross reaction/reactive/watsitsname missiles are really
>about ? are they nuclear weapons, or some fancy new
>zentraedi technology?

Yes, they are nulcear missiles, from what I understand.

>oh and, wat kind of weapons in gudam can be comparable in
>power to such weapons ?

Any other kind of nuke that has comparable yield, and maybe the mega-particle guns. The missiles used in most of the original Macross had a yield of about 200 kilotons if this helps.

If you would like some more technical info, go to:

It is a unofficial reference guide for the Robotech series, but most of the technical info for the Macross portion is taken directly from Macross sourcebooks. It is a very good site, even though the updates aren't coming as frequently as they used to.


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