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Winn Sevilla wrote:

> Anyway, a rumor about char...
> is it true that he can't drive a car? I forgot what site I got this from, but they say that Char can't drive an auto because he don't know how... Is this all true?
> There is a point in Char's CA that he rode a horse where Amuro rode a jeep... but I don't think that's a supporting fact..

I think it was Mark Simmon's site where he speculated that Char couldn't drive. Yes it is true that you never see him drive a car, but in the scene in question where
Lala is driving, and he is in the passsenger seat, he was teaching Lala to drive. It was never explicitly stated that he was teaching her to drive, but when he
apologises to Amuro he mentions, if I recall correctly, that Lala was still learning/inexperienced behind the wheel.


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