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Rodrick Su wrote:
> As for the colony that dropped on Dublin, who slows it down? There
> were 3 pretty powerful Newtype/Strengthen Human around, Judo, Puru,
> Camille. Most everyone was heading away from ground zero, except the
> semi-vegetated state Camille, whom I nominates as the likely person.

Hey that's an intriguing theory. A while ago -Z- and I calculated a
colony drop to be about the same as 60 Gigaton TNT (or something... can't
remember the number now, check the archive). So the question was raised
how a colony drop would make take a big bite out of Oz but barely wiped
out a few blocks in Dublin. A comatose Camille may just had kept the sky
from falling.

The big problem in this theory is of course there's not a clue, either in
anime or in print that a Newtype or Newtypes cushioned the colony drop.
Especially the characters in ZZ (Judo and gang) didn't even seem to notice
that the colony was slowed down. It's true CCA suggested that Love can
move mountains, but Amuro was amplified by those freaky psychoframe.

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