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garrick lee wrote:
> big a brush do i need? (airbrushes are out of the

For 1/144 models, I found that I can get almost everything done with a #2,
a #1 and 1 #0/10. A #2 is about 3 mm diameter. However, I use Testor and
Gunze Aqueous and sometimes Gunze oil-based, these all have different
properties from Citatel. If Citatel is very viscous and fast-drying,
maybe you need a wider brush.

> also, how big a difference does the quality of the
> brush matter? i got one of those cheapy 10 peso

Big difference. A good brush has very fine soft hair. A lot of people
like sable hair. Remember a good brush doesn't need to be expensive, I
found good brushes for C$1-4 (about US$0.65-2.7) each. The coarse and
stiff hair makes the stroke marks. An old toothbrush could do better.

> if i wash the plastic, can i get away with no primer?

I use Testor and Gunze, and I have never yet need to prime (I will start
priming soon, but that's for colour consistency not for paint adhesion)
and I rarely bother to wash the plastic.

> grabbing more if i can help it). will washing the
> plastic help with the paint job? because i'm having

Yes, but only marginally. These paints sticks to the plastic so well, a
little bit of finger grease doesn't seem to be a problem. I have some
fighter jet and tank paint jobs that stood the test of 12 years of time.
(the decals, however, were a different matter).

> stroke marks. the fahreaking paint (i'm using citadel
> paints) just...doesn't stick. sometimes the paint
> just slides off, circles about and forms those
> annoying uneven bubble marks when it dries. (some

If Citadel doesn't adhere to the plastic without priming, that would be a
very good reason to switch brand.

> that's all for now. a merry bah humbug to you all!

Right back at ya!

> need more 1/144 kits for practice :P (is the first
> grade gundam a good idea?)

Yes! Because it's so cheap! The old 1980s kits are even better! The
price is the same (300 Yens) but the articulation are terrible and
proportions just bad. So? It's no holds bar with the experimentation.
I was messing around with a 1980s 1/144 Guncannon just today to try out
different ways to fill and sand the seams and to paint. (when I finish, I
will put it side by side with the HGUC Guncannon) These kits are so bad,
I highly recommend them for polishing your skills! ^_^

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