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>If you follow the Char story line from 0079 through to CCA and viewed the series in a language you understand, you should know that the only drastic change Char made was from Casval to Char pre-0079. Revenge aside, continuation or fulfillment of his father's dream has always been his goal right from the start. Granted, he has misinterpreted some of his father's ideals but this has been evident from 0079. He didn't suddenly turn into a mad man because of physical or psychological injury. After the downfall of the Zabi regime, he concentrated more on achieving his father's goals and his participation in AEUG was partly to find out if and how the Earthnoids have changed their ways. But he learnt to his dismay that nothing has really changed. Earthnoids will continue to be earthnoids and the human
>race can not take the next step up on the evolutionary ladder until all of humanity has been set free from Earth.

I did follow all this in a langiuage I could understand. I do know how Char changed.

>I can understand where you are coming from though Roland. Good honourable bad guy(0079) fights for good(AEUG) then turns bad(CCA). But this is looking at it at a very simple level. The world is not black and white, and >certainly this is true of the UC universe. Char is a very

I never said anyone was clear-cut, good or evil except Char, in CCA, who proved he was by his actions. See my response below.

>complex character and although it seems he became a 'bad' guy in CCA, he was freeing the human race from the minority that ruled from Earth. You have to bear in mind that in the UC world, majority of the human race has been forced, yes forced, by the Earth Federation to move to space. That is to say there are billions of people living in space colonies and only a few million living on Earth. Most of the people that are living on Earth are powerful political,military, corporate elite 'the creme de la creme' of human
>society and their service personnel. It is these people, most of who have never set foot in space, who are governing the billions in space colonies, making life altering decisions without fully understanding life in space. Forcing these close-minded stubborn elitists to move to space doesn't seem so bad does it?? It was never Char's intention to kill every remaining person on Earth. Yes some lives were sure to be lost in and around the impact sites but the majority of the people on Earth would have been able to move to space. And once this was achieved all of humanity was free to evolve into newtypes and begin a new era of peace and harmony.
>One of Char's father's beliefs was that the newtypes will help humanity take the next evolutionary step. It is not that Char himself was trying to manipulate humanity for his own pleasure but he felt it was his duty/destiny as a newtype to do so. Although Char had always known, his colleagues in AEUG in Z Gundam convinved Char that he has to step forward and accept leadership.
>Char didn't go mad, Char wasn't brain damaged, Char didn't go through a personality transplant. Char was just doing what he thought was his duty to his father and the human race.
>Will you be willing to sacrifice the lives of a few million people to save the lives of billions? Or is value of a single life so important that you would doom the lives of billions to save it ?
>It is a difficult question to answer, but I guess in a black and white world the hero would always risk his life and those of others to save one life regardless of the consequences...

Ah, so let me get this straight. You condone the extermination of several million people simply because one side or the other feels they are the imperialist elite? Well, I believe history will tell you that such people, be they Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Ramses, Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, Giren Zabi or Char all were corrupt power mongers, who tried to force their beliefs on everyone, no matter the sacrifice in lives and personal freedoms. Was the rulership of an elite few from Earth right? No. Could another solution have been found? Yes. The American Revolution proved that. Was the destruction of countless civilian lives worth the eventual outcome? NO! You are saying the ends justify the means, and that will never be true, yesterday, today or hundreds of years from now. I have had this debate with numerous other people and you will never be able to persuade me that such things are neccessary to bring about lasting peace. Such acts can only bread resentment and hatred a!
mong those involved. If you can't see that, more's the pity. In CCA, Char is no better than any other tyrant who, given the opportunity and the slightest twisted reason,uses his power and influence to force others to his way of thinking. If this were not so, some of his men would not have turned against him in the end.

What Char was attempting to do has already been tried by numerous other leaders throughout history. Granted it was never on this scale, but in every instance, this line of reasoning can not be viewed as anything other than evil. You are saying that Stalin was right in his quote, "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic". I realize that there is no true black and white in the world, but there are definate areas of deep grey, and Char's actions in CCA fall in this area (as would, I admit, acts like America's use of nuclear weapons to end WWII. This might have saved countless millions that would have died had we invaded, but it doomed several hundred thousands innocents to death). I may not agree with the rule of billions from by some few imperialist elite, but neither do I agree with the wholesale slaughter of a world to move humanity to its next evolutionary step. That is something Hitler believed in. You ask if I would sacrifice the few to save the many? If m!
y people were being actively hunted and killed, yes, unless there was another way. If the enemy is just attempting to rule from afar? Well, as I said before the American Revolution proved we don't have to exterminate the people or destroy the land of those ruling over others. You might say that the cenutries of technological difference affect this, but I say no. It only makes it easier to chose your targets with precision. If the people of Earth wished to remain there, that is their perogative. Forcing them to declare the colonies independent would achieve your goals just as well. There is no need to destroy a world to achieve your goal.


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