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>i'm still getting brush stroke marks, if you can't
>tell. something tells me these citadel miniature
>brushes are too small for gundams.

        Bwah ha ha ha! =) I can't even do GW tanks with those brushes
without leaving telltales, I won't even try Gundams. =)

>and i thought painting big flat surfaces would be easy. :P how
>big a brush do i need? (airbrushes are out of the question, at least for the
>moment. i paint in the comfort of my room and it's gonna stink bad...i
already >do priming in the bathroom and have no intentions of painting in
the john)

        It's very difficult to achieve a nice flat finish with small
brushes, but most of my work are on 28mm minis, so that's not a big problem.
I am seriously considering buying an airbrush c/w compressor to ease my
priming woes... (I currently hand prime and I hate the results.. No, not
Gundam models -- not yet, at that. =)

>also, how big a difference does the quality of the brush

        Yeah, it makes a difference -- at least with good brushes, the
bristles don't come off and embed in the paintwork. Removing those can get
difficult, especially if you didn't spot them early.

        Important thing is, of course, take care of your brushes. I lost a
lot of flat brushes because I can't figure out how to maintain them.
Strangely, my pointed brushes survive fine. =)

>if i wash the plastic, can i get away with no primer?

        Depends on your colour, and even then, I won't advise it.

>the fahreaking paint (i'm using citadel paints) just...doesn't stick.

        What colour are you painting the shield? Certain Citadel paints have
severe problem with them, but most will be okay if you do the following:

        1) If the paint is very thin, apply a base coat of Smelly Primer,
then do successive thin coats -- you must be patient!

        2) If the paint if very thick (Like Skull White) you must thin it
down, then do successive thin coats -- you must be patient!
sometimes the paint

>just slides off, circles about and forms those annoying uneven bubble marks
>when it dries.

        Sounds like you are just slapping on the paint (NOI) and not
checking if there are air bubbles trapped...

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