garrick lee (
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 07:26:47 -0800 (PST)

can you, by any chance, save a bad paint job by
turning to weathering effects?

*big fat stupid grin*

i'm still getting brush stroke marks, if you can't
tell. something tells me these citadel miniature
brushes are too small for gundams. and i thought
painting big flat surfaces would be easy. :P how
big a brush do i need? (airbrushes are out of the
question, at least for the moment. i paint in the
comfort of my room and it's gonna stink bad...i
already do priming in the bathroom and have no
intentions of painting in the john)

also, how big a difference does the quality of the
brush matter? i got one of those cheapy 10 peso
brushes from china and they suck eggs. they were
courser and more uneven than hair from a certain
region of the human anatomy. the lousy brushes didn't
just give me brush stroke marks, they gave me wrinkles
on the paint job (no kidding).

if i wash the plastic, can i get away with no primer?
(i ran out of primer, and have no intentions of
grabbing more if i can help it). will washing the
plastic help with the paint job? because i'm having
fits with the shield of 1/144 gpo1 (yes, i bought that
kit, i'm a masochist) and it's not just the brush
stroke marks. the fahreaking paint (i'm using citadel
paints) just...doesn't stick. sometimes the paint
just slides off, circles about and forms those
annoying uneven bubble marks when it dries. (some
time ago, someone mentioned something about good paint
having "consistency of milk"...hmmm).

that's all for now. a merry bah humbug to you all!

need more 1/144 kits for practice :P (is the first
grade gundam a good idea?)
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