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Rodrick Su writes,

>Now that I have finished ZZ Gundam, I have some observation about
>some of the MS in the latter part of the show. The first application
>of Titan Newtype technology appears in Quebley Mk. II, which appears
>to have psyco control system found in Psycho Gundam Mk. II. At least
>I assume it has it, since Puru II summons it remotely.

  That's correct. The explanation usually offered is that the Neo Zeons
lifted the technology from the salvaged Psyco Gundam Mk. II, last seen
floating headless around Axis.

>Geymarck from appearance and firepower perspective appears to be a
>scale down Psycho Gundam, with its many pointed beam cannon. And
>like Psycho Gundam, it's extremely difficult to pilot without a
>Strengthen Human pilot.

  Right. A definite liability, which limits the usefulness of newtype
mobile suits. Which is why many parties tried to create a psycommu system
that could be used by ordinary humans. The Hamma Hamma was a failed
attempt - note that Mashma can launch its hands as grapples, like the
Neue Ziel, but not manuever and fire them to conduct an all-range attack.
The first successful attempt was, of course...

>Doven Wolf likewise resembles Federation design with its more angular
>body and limbs. And according to Gundam Project, it's 2 wire guided
>Incom cannon and wire guided hand cannon are licensed/(stolen?) Titan
>Augusta Lab's quasi-psycommu system. And unlike other psychommu
>weapon system, Doven Wolf is mass produced.

  Because it didn't rely on newtype pilots. No point in mass-producing
these things if there are four or five possible pilots for 'em.

  Note that Augusta's technology also found its way into Anaheim's
Superior Gundam, while in turn, data from Anaheim's Gundam Mark III found
its way into Augusta's hands so they could create the Mark IV and Mark V
(the ancestors of the Doven Wolf). Reciprocal espionage? A technology
swap? Or do Anaheim and Augusta have more in common than the first
letters of their names? Hmmm...

>I presumed that Mashma undergoes Strengthen Human process after his
>initial stint as the commander of Endora.

  Right; he's recalled in disgrace, and reappears as a strengthened
human. (After which his first on-screen job is escorting the falling
colony down to Dublin.)

>I think Chara Soon was a Strengthen Human from the moment she wrestle
>the control of Endora away from Mashma.

  I dunno, I figured she was just nuts and incompetent. Her personality
changes in the second half - instead of turning into a gibbering
freakazoid whenever she gets into a mobile suit, she now turns into a
gibbering freakazoid whenever she thinks about Judo. <shrug>

-- Mark

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