Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 00:45:55 -0500

Wow! You really know SRW... ^_^

>1)The Zeons come to power in SRW with the death of DC's founder,

 Who's the DC Founder?

>similar to how it was in the original gundam series no? >:) In effect, in the SRW, the
>Jions=DC. The Main enemy factions in SRW are the DC, >Inspectors,Poseidol, Guest,and the Titans.

 To which group does the following belong then:
  1) Mekibos
  2) Zezenan, and his three generals (I forgot the names)
  3) Shou Shirakawa & friends (Psybuster counterparts)
  4) Dr. Hell, Asura, & Brocken
  5) Anavel Gato
  6) Hamaan Khan
  7) Paptimus Scirocco
  8) Drake Luft (Dunbine antagonists)
  9) Shappiro Keats (from Dancougar)
 10) Devil Gundam & Master Asia
 11) Romefeller Foundation & Treize Kushrenada
 12) Milliardo Peacraft & Dorothy Catalonia
 13) antagonists from Ideon

 By the way, what's the relation between the Romefeller Foundation and NERV in SRW?

>2)No, Titans are a sub-faction of DC in SRW and are enemies to Londo Bell as a result.

 But I thought you said that Zeon=DC... and weren't the Titans and Zeon enemies?

>3)Hamaan and Sirrocco make an alliance in SRW3, but in >actuality are of opposing conflict, but I don't think >they actually fight each other in the game.

 Yeah, too bad they never did. Those two are so troublesome. I don't mind Hamaan since she's cute, but that Scirocco's a total pain in the a**. I mean, his MS is even self-regenerating if I'm not mistaken... worse than that, they can stand up to a berserking EVA-01 ~_~

>Bright Noah is the head of the Londo Bell, and in originally part of the
>Feds, then break off to the AEUG, then they switch back under the command of
>the Romefeller Foundation I believe. I need to double check though :)

 Um... I have a question regarding SRWF Final... there was this scenario wherein I had Treize as an ally (NPC). He was later killed by Milliardo, but I could've prevented it (but didn't). What would happen if Treize had lived? And how do I bring out Wing Zero Custom? Right now, I'm playing it again, but I'm after that Evangelion-ending...

PS: Is Kaworu Nagisa in the game?


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