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Dengeki Comics Data Collection #13: Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 3 Plus
Original MS In Games (1999.12.15, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1378-X) 80 pages
(48 color) for 880.

As the title implies, this is a compendium of MS from various games,
including Cross Dimension 0079, Gundam Tactics Mobility Fleet 0079, Gundam
Side Story Blue Destiny, Gundam The Battlemaster, G Generation and Gundam
Side Story Rise From The Ashes. Many of the MS appear in SD form as they
appear in the game side-by-side with line or color art of the MS as it
would appear in "real" form. Char's Gundam graces the cover and splash
page, complete with the "treble clef" insignia that adorned his Sazabi in
CCA on the left shoulder.

Among the never-before-documented MS are:

Gundam Tactics
RRF-05 Zanny
MA-05M Bygromeier
RX-78 opt. Gundam G Dash

G Generation
MS-N01 Kikeroga
AMA-002S Neue Ziel II
NZ-222 Psycho Doga
MA-09 Mass-Production Byg Zam
MS-15K Gyann Kai (there's also a mass production Gyann)
AMX-103G Mass-Production Hamma-Hamma
PMX-004 Titania

G Generation 0
ORX-012 Gundam Mk.IV
AMX-017 Giganteick
XMA-02 Evil Doga
AMA-100C Zodei Ack Mass-Production
MS-50A Zaku 50
ZMT-S35S Rig Ring

Gundam The Battlemaster
Psycho Gundam Mk.III
NRX-011 Mass-Production Psycho Gundam
NRX-007 Prototype Psycho Gundam

Char's Counter Attack
RX-93 v.2 Hi Nu Gundam
RX-93 Mass-Production Nu Gundam
RX-93 Mass-Production Nu Gundam (Incom)


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