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Now that I have finished ZZ Gundam, I have some observation about
some of the MS in the latter part of the show. The first application
of Titan Newtype technology appears in Quebley Mk. II, which appears
to have psyco control system found in Psycho Gundam Mk. II. At least
I assume it has it, since Puru II summons it remotely.

Geymarck from appearance and firepower perspective appears to be a
scale down Psycho Gundam, with its many pointed beam cannon. And
like Psycho Gundam, it's extremely difficult to pilot without a
Strengthen Human pilot.

Doven Wolf likewise resembles Federation design with its more angular
body and limbs. And according to Gundam Project, it's 2 wire guided
Incom cannon and wire guided hand cannon are licensed/(stolen?) Titan
Augusta Lab's quasi-psycommu system. And unlike other psychommu
weapon system, Doven Wolf is mass produced.

Finally, Quin Mantha, the final big mobile suit of the series appears
to be a merge of Psycho Gundam Mk. II and Quebley. It's head
resembles PGII, the rest of its body resembles Quebley. It has
Quebley's funnels, and PGII's scattering mega particle cannon, and
other mega particle cannon.

And now for the pilots of these MS.

I presumed that Mashma undergoes Strengthen Human process after his
initial stint as the commander of Endora. He was kind of screwey
even then, but shows absolutely no sign of being a Newtype or
Strengthen Human. During the Neo Zeon Civil War, especially when he
pilots the Zaku III, he exhibits all of the trademark Newtype traits,
even beating back Quin Mantha singlehandedly. Unfortunatley one lone
Strenghen Human cannot overcome a full team of Doven Wolf.

I think Chara Soon was a Strengthen Human from the moment she wrestle
the control of Endora away from Mashma. Her subsquential stint on
board Ahgama as the cleaning lady sort of relief her initial
brainwash, but not enough.

As for the colony that dropped on Dublin, who slows it down? There
were 3 pretty powerful Newtype/Strengthen Human around, Judo, Puru,
Camille. Most everyone was heading away from ground zero, except the
semi-vegetated state Camille, whom I nominates as the likely person.
A very powerful Newtype can sometimes assimilate other people's power
and direct to his will. At the end of Char's Counter Attack, Amuro
likewise assimilated Char, and every other MS pilots around the
falling Axis to deflect it.

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