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Mark Simmons wrote:

> > and on the other hand the picture from the front of the 100% Newtype 0083
> > book that shows the supposed same signing ceremony.
> I don't know whether Sunrise has an opinion on this illustration. ;-)

And after the last series of exchanges, I'm not going to question him on this one.

> > Maybe the '0083' one is the initial surrender by the Zeon military and the
> > '0080'one is the following peace treaty by the civilian leaders of the
> > Federation and the new Zeon Republic?
> That's a reasonable interpretation. What's the logo pictured in the
> NewType book? If it's the thorny spiky Zeon logo, then it's not the flag of
> the Republic. And if the men standing under it are in military garb, then
> they're not government officials...

Sorry, only seen it once or twice (Paul Fields' book). Cant really remember that
much detail. Paul, care to add to this?

Neil Baumgardner

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