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Paul Fields wrote:

> TokyoPOP has a listing for a PSX game
> named "MS Gundam Giren No Yabo" is it
> "Giren's Greed" I don't have a handy
> dictionary right on me at work, but if
> "YABO" is 'Greed' or 'Ambition' Giren
> is the easy part, and or course "no"
> implies its Giren's.
> I've been looking at getting a Dreamcast,
> but the only games I want are Giren's
> Greed, and Rise form the Ashes. Does
> anyone know if they are going to port
> RFTA into any other platform?
> Paul

I doubt they will port RFTA to another platform (I guess you mean the
playstation). Bandai is however working on a game for the Playstation2
but no details of this game has been released yet, but I am sure it will
not be a RFTA port. It would be good if it had a similar game style
though. For me it was worth buying the Dreamcast just to play RFTA. You
really can't get any closer to actual MS ground combat. If you intend on
getting RFTA make sure you get the expansion disc as well, you will find
out how frustrating it is to fight a newtype, piloting a Gundam. This
bonus disc only cost 200yen in Japan(not for separate retail) but many
online import game retailers are selling them from $15-$30. If you look
around, you should be able to find some retailers that will include the
disc for free, but you would be expected to pay full price for the game

For your reference here is a list of all the Bandai Gundam games released
on 32bit consoles and beyond. As you can see only two games have been
ported so far between the saturn and playstation...three if you include
the upcoming Giren game, so porting across platforms isn't a common trend
at Bandai...

Psx (Jun) MS Gundam [Shooting]
SS (Dec) MS Gundam [Shotting]

Psx (Mar) MS Gundam Ver.2
Psx (Jun) SD Gundam Over Galaxian [Simulation]
SS (Sep) MS Gundam Gaiden #1(Blue Destiny) [3D Action]
SS (Dec) ----------------------#2 [3D Action]

SS (Mar) MS Gundam Gaiden #3 [3D Action]
Psx (Mar) SD Gundam G Century [Simulation]
SS (Apr) MS Z Gundam #1 [2D Action]
Psx (May) 0079 The War for Earth [FMV game]
Psx (Jun) Gundam Battlemaster [Fighting]
Psx (Jul) Perfect One Year War [Simulation]
SS (Aug) MS Gundam Gaiden Complete Box set
SS (Sep) MS Z Gundam #2 [2D Action]
Psx (Dec) MS Z Gundam [3D Action]

SS (Feb) SD Gundam G Century [Simulation]
Psx (Mar) Gundam Battlemaster 2 [Fighting]
SS (Apr) Giren's Greed [Simulation]
Psx (Aug) SD Gundam G Generation [Simulation]
SS (Oct) Giren's Greed Add-on disc [Simulation]
Psx (Dec) Char's Counterattack [3D Action]


Psx (Aug) SD Gundam G Generation Zero [Simulation]
DC (Aug) Gundam Side Story RFTA [3D Action]

Psx (1st Quarter) Giren's Greed [Simulation]
Psx2 (1st Quarter) [Unknown]


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