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> >If marketing tactics haven't changed since I last laid my eyes on a book on
> >the subject, I believe this is a test phase - so there's nothing to worry
> >about.
> >
> >Shelf space is expensive in these stores - so I don't think Bandai will go
> >all out yet to purchase good shelf space until the Gundam Wing series
> >starts. I think they're just testing initial reactions to the packaging,
> >prime locations and passerby looks - finding out what works and what
> >doesn't.
> Of 3 TRUs in my area that stock Gundam kits, 1 keeps them at the coveted
> end cap near the central aisle. The other one did the same but moved them
> to the end cap at a corner that rarely gets traffic at all. The other one
> just shelves them with the other model kits. It seems like management gets
> final say about where to stick them.

Where I went they weren't even really with the regular models. They were on the shelf across from them with a bunch of miscellaneous junk. And even amongst the other junk they were buried. I mean putting them on the model shop is fine, but burying them in a bunch of crap is assinine. I went to the models section specifically looking for them and almost didn't find them. There is no way that kids would see them at all.

As for overcoming Pokemon, won't happen, ESPECIALLY with the promotion that is currently not happening. Hopefully that Ben Mack (I think that was his name?) guy who was with the Advertising Agency can promote it better then it is now. But just because it is on cable doesn't mean it is hopeless. I mean look at South Park, and that isn't on network TV. But then again South Park gets more publicity.


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