Paul Fields (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 15:26:24 EST

>From: Edward Ju <>

>Looks like I was the only customer he had that buys the Viz Gundam
>hey Mark, know if Viz is selling them online? Last time I checked, they
>weren't offering them on their website.

Hey Eddie I'm not Mark, but I know a shop
that carries them online, I'm not hawking
for them, but they have 6 shops in Texas
and a decent website too. They do Internet
subscription service so you could get them
there. Being in Virginia, I pick up mine
locally, but you could try these guys.

check out their "sub service", and find back
issues by searching for gundam with their
search tool. They are still listing issues
1, and 2 of Volume 2 as new issues, but are
out of stock.

If you need some of the later ones let me know
while my local guy still has them.

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