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On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 12:39:26 -0500 John Kwok <> wrote:
>There was NO HINT or MENTION that Char suffered any physical injuries from
>his final battle with Harman! He was getting beat very badly by the Quebely,
>but still managed to escape on his own terms.

Ok. Like I said, I've only read a summary of what happened in the final episodes, with its reports of Char getting beaten by Hamaan and the torso of his Type 100 drifting by with its cockpit hatch open at the end. Still, with all the damage we have seen other pilots take from shrpanel within their cockpits from hits on various parts of their MSes, it is hard to imagine he didn't take any kind of damage, whether to the head or not. But,I won't make any kind of final judgement until I actually see the episodes.

And actually, the defeat he received at her hands could also have affected him mentaly, making him crazy. There is alot to be said for psychological defeats.

>Bottom line is, they ignored most of what he did in Z to tell a better story
>between the two eternal rivals, Amuro and Char. The movie was more or less
>designed for people who did not follow the Z and ZZ series and wouldn't be
>able to make sense of the shifting political alliances of the characters.
>Superficially, the storyline could have happened without any of the events
>in the TV series taking place! (Bright and Amuro back with the Federation,
>Char back with the Zeons, etc.)

Be that as it may, Char still undergoes a radical shift if philosphical outlook and general personality between the original series and CCA. By CCA, he has taken on the fanatic's role of believing he is better qualified than anyone in judging what is best for humanity. Ie, his way is the only way and damn anyone who tries to stop him and the lives it takes to prove it. IOW, he has become like Giren Zabi, Napoleon, Musolini, Stalin and Hitler (with only slightly less blood on his hands in the end). Anyways, the fact is that Zeta did take place before CCA, and that they are both part of the same timeline. Therefore, Char's personality in Zeta must be taken into account, whether or not you have seen all of it. This makes his personality change even harder to accept without insanity being the cause.

In the beginning, I could easily identify with him and agree with what he was trying to do (whether or not I would have done things that way myself). But by CCA, he has become a mad dog, needing to be put down and be put down hard.

But each person will have their own opinion of this as no one except Tomino knows Char's mind for sure. I will hold to my opinion until I find real evidence otherwise.


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