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Just got a response from Tsuneo Tateno on RGT's Mekton BBS, re: Jan. 1
vs 13 for end of the OYW. Looks like I may have come down a little hard
on him (I've apologized). Here's his response:

>Well I don't know what was talked in Gundam ML, but it is unreasonable
that to >say I am wrong because it is different with how discussed in
GML. Your source of >information is old(Kadokawa's Episode Guide
contains only old datas). As I said >before, Gundam Senki was fully
supervised by Gundam Division of Sunrise, and it >contains lots of new
informations on Gundam World. They told me that they are >reorganizing
history of Gundam and they will use Gundam Senki project as their
>groundwork. It is possible that facts written in the book changes in
future, but the >info in it is the newest one.

>Anyway, you can keep your Gundam history if you don't like what I wrote
in >Gundam Senki. As long as official statement from Sunrise that I
heard from >Mr.Tomita, the chief of Gundam Division in Sunrise:"There is
no official data, >except our visual work itself"

>This mean, "Official" timeline or MS datas does NOT exists. Anime works
such as >"Mobile Suit: Gundam" or "O8th MS Team" etc. are the only
"official" thing. >Whatever Animec or Bandai or my project team says,
its "their way of >interpretation". However my Gundam Senki is "fully
supervised", its not official. Its >just an interpretation of Gundam
Senki(just contains very new and updated >historical info). So you can
keep "GML's interpretation" if you don't like mine.

>Although, I should explain why I "changed" old historical facts and
Sunrise guys >accept it.

>1: They think the treathy signed in Januar13th(at OVA "GUNDAM 0080: War
in >the Pocket") IS the treathy to end the War.----if not, why
headmaster of Al's >school says "the war ends at last..." in the morning
of Jan 14th?

>2: Speed of starships; Space vessels in Gundam world need 2 days to
reach orbit >of moon from Earth orbit. Battle of A-Bao-A-Qu ends(thats
when Commodore >Twaning surrender) in 12:30 of December 31th. And Prime
Minister Darsia
>confirmed death of Gyren and Kysiria in 18:00. Darsia contacted to
Prime Minister >Rank of Side 6 to mediate cease-fire agreement with
Earth Fed after that... Do you >think officer of Federation can reach
Moon in January 1st? The officers of Earth
>Fed are surely a "Jabro Mole" so, it is natural that PM Darsia propose
cease-fire at >Jan 1st of UC0080, negotiation begins from Jan 3rd(FYI,
another date that was >believed to end the war), and treathy agreed and
signed in Jan 13th.

>3: Credibility of old datas and "what Lord Tomino said"; You can't
believe too old >datas. One of old data(Roman Album) says Battle of
A-Bao-A-Qu ends in >October 15th, 6:00AM. Creators of Gundam OVA series
add many things without >thinking about consistency with original TV
show. Good(or the worst) example >was "Gundam 0080". The OVA made tons
of inconsistency in history(because of >the OVA, whereabout of Kysiria
Zabi & Dr.Mossuk Han, relationship with Zeon >and Side6 etc.etc. are
really confused!).

>And, I think you shouldn't too much rely on old interviews of Lord
Tomino. I don't >think he remember(or cares about) what he said nearly
20years ago... I am BIG >fan of him but I know several cases that he
changes his word as time passed. >Anyway, I want to read the interview.
Please tell me the issue number of Animec >the article is on. I will
read it(I have ALL Animec ever published).

PS: Mark, you got the issue number for that Animec interview?

Neil Baumgardner

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