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>When you suffer from Oxygen deprivation I think you end up like Amuro's dad
>(regressed to a almost child-like state...) NOT become a megalomaniac like
>Char. I think his views are just a natural progression of his own warped

I'm not sure either, but it could also have come about from other head damage inflicted in the final battle, etc. I haven't seen the episode yet, but have read a summary of it. It is not clear what kind of damage Char took to his body itself, if any. I'm not saying it isn't possible that Char could go that mad on his own, but it is a very radical step he took from taking vengeance against those who killed his father (and then later trying to save people from the Titan tyranny)to trying to totally destroying Earth's ecosphere, forcing everyone who survived to leave, thus becoming spacenoids themselves. It is almost a complete reversal of the honorable person he was in the first 2 series. I don't see this as a natural progression of his thoughts. Then again, I don't have the Japanese perspective on psychology, only my own.

As for Char being self-righteous, well, to some degree we all are. I don't see him as any more self-righteous than Amuro or Bright, at least before CCA. In CCA, he takes on the role of one the men he most despises, Giren Zabi, a seeming complete reversal of his personality. That's a little too much of a change for me to swallow without blaming it on some kind of brain damage. Maybe I just don't have a megalomaniac's view of the universe and his role in it to give me perspective.


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