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> Just thought I'd let you know I got a 1/144 Gundam Wing model at the
> Deerfield Toys 'R Us (north of Chicago, IL) But they were in a horrible
> spot. Iwent there looking for them and I wouldn't have found them if I
> hadn't stumbled upon them by accident. If they are receiving the same
> of promotion elsewhere, they won't be sold in America long...

If marketing tactics haven't changed since I last laid my eyes on a book on
the subject, I believe this is a test phase - so there's nothing to worry

Shelf space is expensive in these stores - so I don't think Bandai will go
all out yet to purchase good shelf space until the Gundam Wing series
starts. I think they're just testing initial reactions to the packaging,
prime locations and passerby looks - finding out what works and what

Wait a while - the Gundam wave in the US will come as soon as the show hits
on cable. Pokemon will become a distant memory soon...

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