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On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 23:29:13 -0500 Kaworu Nagisa <> wrote:
>>The Londo Bell was a fleet of the Feds whose main mission was pretty much
>>like the Titan's in Zeta, which is to wipe out the rouge Zeons in space,
>>except that they carried out their mission in a more humane manner.
> Um... I haven't watched any of the UC series... what do the Zeons do that Londo Bell is tasked to wipe them out?

Well, for one, they are Jion, the Fed's enemies. 2) They are being led by a Char that most likely was driven mad after his final battle in Zeta Gundam (It is my belief that Char suffered from oxygen deprivation after his final combat in Zeta Gundam, and this in turn drove him mad. There is no other real way to explain the drastic changes in his personality. I mean come on, "Man must punish Mankind for his sins" (at least that is the translation I've heard for one of his final lines to Amuro in CCA), and his willingness to drop so many asteroids on Earth?), and he was arranging to drop several asteroids on Earth to create a nuclear winter to force the people there to leave. They have a very legitimate reason for going after the Jion, IMO.

And you haven't seen any of the UC universe? That's where most of the best stories are! And some of the best moral lessons. Although granted, I've only seen 12 episodes of X and 2 episodes of Endless Waltz from alternate timelines.

>2) Are the Titans a friend of Londo Bell?

By this time, the Titans have been wiped out, and deservedly so.

>3) Are Hamaan and Scirocco allies or enemies? Rivals?

I believe Hamaan was taken out of the picture in Double Zeta, but I may be wrong as I have yet to se any of that series. But I don't remember seeing her in CCA.


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