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Alfred Stuart Urrutia wrote:
> I was just reading where the insignia for the Afrika Korps (Rommel,
> WWII German units) had a palm tree and something else, can't remember,
> as theirs. So, not as odd or goofy as a bell but a little too festive
> for a combat unit, wouldn't you say? I wonder if those guys got into
> fights in bars wearing that stuff.

I think I've seen that palm tree insignia somewhere, didn't bother me.
There are a lot of WWII and post-WWII military insignia that's more of a
mascot type then the old stuffy European coats of arms. And of course
sport teams (notably college teams) use a lot of cute and fluffy animals
as logos.

But the London Bell insignia is a little silly, looks like it's drawn by
some art school dropout from Nebraska. The only one that's worse is the
Crossbone Vanguard, looks like Snoopy's Coat of Arms when he's daydreaming
(and hungry).

The best is still Zeon's, the Pegasus is pretty good too.

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