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Vince Leon writes,

> Maybe part of this is correct, because there is an "F" version of the
> Kampfer. The "F" version however does not carry throw away weapons but is
> armed with beam weapons. This version might be the space version of the
> Kampfer and intended to be reused after each combat run. While the version
> in the anime carries disposable weapons and has a smaller generator making
> it easier to produce and more likely to be discarded in combat.

  Actually, the Kaempfer already has a pretty huge generator - at 1550
kW, its output is higher than that of any non-amphibious mobile suit of
its era. It's just that most of its power is devoted to the engines,
leaving little left over for beam weapons. (Why isn't this a problem for,
say, the Gelgoog Jaeger, which has less power and more thrust? Maybe it's
not meant to fire while moving at full speed...)

  At any rate, the Kaempfer's generator is certainly adequate to power
beam weapons. Under circumstances where it didn't need to keep the
thrusters going all the time, it would presumably be able to use a beam
rifle of what-have-you.

And, for Neil Baumgardner's information, the F type is mentioned (but not
shown) in the 1/144 Kamepfer's kit manual.

-- Mark

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