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> >anyone knows what is the insignia of the Londo Bell from CCA, if there
> >is one ?
> It's a yellow (gold?) bell on a chevron-like red L. Blink and you'll miss
> it -- the only place I can recall seeing it was on the left "shoulder" of
> the Doek petite MS.
> This insignia doesn't appear on the uniforms. There, the sleeves are
> adorned with a Federation insignia, consisting of a blue Earth globe within
> a yellow diamond on a midnight-blue disk surrounded by a red circle.

I was just reading where the insignia for the Afrika Korps (Rommel, WWII
German units) had a palm tree and something else, can't remember, as theirs.
So, not as odd or goofy as a bell but a little too festive for a combat unit,
wouldn't you say? I wonder if those guys got into fights in bars wearing that


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