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>>Kampfer does have a pair of head vulcans, but Misha
>>was too stunned to use them after NT-1 came up
>>unscathed from the chain mine explosion.
> It does?? Where did you get this information?
>>Well, if you consider that the Kampfer has one of the highest acceleration
>>rates (2.03G) there are not that many mobile suits that can catch it. Most
>>Gundams can only get up to about 1.9G while your average mobile suit is
>>around 1 to 1.75Gs.
> I guess that's the only way to operate a Kampfer. BTW, Vince, how
>did you calculate the acceleration figures?

You'll find all that and more at Burke Ruke's Mecha Domain website:

Type: heavy assault prototype mobile suit
Overall height: 18.2 meters
Head height: 17.7 meters
Base weight: 43.5 tons
Full weight: 78.5 tons
Power generator: 1550kW
Rocket thrusters: 28500kg x 2, 27000kg x 2, 12000kg x 4
Acceleration: 2.03 G
Vernier thrusters: 16
Sensor radius: 6100 meters
180-degree turn time: 1.2 seconds
Ground speed: 215 km/h
Armament: 60mm vulcan gun x 2, beam saber x 2, shotgun x 2 (9 rounds),
360mm giant bazooka x 2 (5 rounds), panzer faust x 2, chain mine x 1

Browse it at:



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